Dreaming of Florence

Lady Francesca Tessa d'Angelo
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SCA project blog of:
Lady Francesca Tessa d'Angelo,
CVO, CMM(2)(via Katrina, Lethrenn), CMC, CGHM, CoFox(2), CAP

Member, Society for Creative Anachronism
Shire of Vulpine Reach, Meridies (Jan 1995-Present)
Formerly from the Barony of Thor's Mountain, Meridies (May-1992-Dec 1995)

Apprenticed to Her Excellency Magistra Rosemounde of Mercia, of House Wild Rose in October of 1997 at Silver Hammer, Thor’s Mountain

Former Steward, Meridian Embroidery Guild (2003-2008)
Current Steward, Meridian Gardens (An interest group for pre-1600 landscape design/period crops/animal husbandry & horticulture)

Current offices held: NONE!

Prior offices held: Demo/Special Projects Coordinator, Chronicler, A&S Officer, and Chatelaine, Shire of Vulpine Reach, Meridies

Gules semy of bees bendwise, on a chief Or three pomegranates gules slipped and leaved vert seeded Or.
Mens fertilis, manus fertiles
Fertile mind, fertile (i.e. productive) hands

This is where I record most of my projects related to the SCA with the occasional event report, or entry on some aspect of SCA life. 99.9% of my entries are public.

If I add you as a friend, it is because your journal is rich in SCA content. If I don't friend you back, because your posts are primarily modern world, or because I don't know you and you have no visible public content from which I can get to know you. Please dont' be offended!

Those interested in my mundane activities I refer to my mundane blog: http://my-lady-f.livejournal.com/, which you are also free to friend me on.

I also do not friend unidentifiable sock puppet accounts.


A note on commenting:

Out of courtesy, I ask that you log in prior to entering your comments.

If you do not have an lj account, but you do know me in the real world, please include your name at the bottom of your comments and then drop me an email verifying that it was you who posted.

Anonymous comments that do not follow the above requested guidelines will be screened and then later deleted if no follow up has been made.

Thank you.

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