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2016 0528 Kingdom Arts and Sciences

A friend of mine had 2 entries that she wanted to enter in Kingdom Arts and Sciences this year. The event was in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, and too far for her to drive on her own. I offered to accompany her so she could enter her pieces. Most of my garb needed altered so replaced, so I ended up re-working the tunic that went with my byzantine collar, slapped a white undertunic under it and called it a day.

I did not get a picture of it while on the body. But I have it on my dress dummy and I'm waiting for the wrinkles to fall out of it. I'll update this post with a pic later.

I've not really done very much in the past year in the SCA.

Without going into a lot of detail, there were a couple of people in the SCA that I did not want to associate with that were beginning to stalk/harass me, and it was not worth the trouble of fending them off constantly.

One of them is no longer active in the SCA. The other has been told I want no interaction with them - and my Seneschal and my peer served as witnesses.

If anyone has questions regarding the latter or if you have concerns about things you have heard about me personally you should probably check with my peer.

So for the past year I have been doing a lot of cosplay and getting to work in all sorts of non-period materials. I found that I'm doing a LOT more leather working in Cosplay - or utilizing those skills. Everything is so different - the synthetic materials,  using zippers, the garish colors and unlimited color ranges and combinations. Using a lot more wire armatures, paper mache props, it was like I had been playing on this one playground for 20 plus years, then someone says ... hey look over here... there's a door here.... and you go through it and there is a whole other playground with different things to climb and swing on, etc. It was kind of like being on creative vacation.

The really cool thing was all of the skill sets I was bringing with me to cosplay... it's nothing to draft a pattern, sew a buttonhole, make a leather strap, carve or cast, or any of the stuff. And instead of something in a costume being "period" being authentic to the original costume is being called "cannon".


So, yes there are creative outlets everywhere, with common threads that they share.


I'm probably going to try to play a little in both worlds now.

I miss the detail and the fine work of the projects I do in the SCA. I'm going to be pulling out my roman tunica and finishing the embroidery on the back panel - picking up where I left off about a year ago.

In Cosplay I still have to get a Jawa made, and finish my flowerpot munchkin outfit.

Yes so now I have a Pintrest Page

Here is the link to my Pintrest Page. I have a couple boards that are SCA related:


Working on a Food Preservation Class.

I am working on an introduction to food preservation class for March at our shire meeting.

I had been chasing my tail on how to categorize it.

I am thinking I might make a game of it before I give a handout. Need to get an easel pad.

Even found a thing or two I want to explore later. Maybe.

I'll post more later, I don't want to give away any spoilers.

Project from January: Leather Vambraces

I made these as a prize drawing for our Shire's Demo at Chattacon:

Most of tooling done (above)

(Most of Dyeing done - still needs sealer)

Finished Product. 1/25/2013.

I stumbled across a variety of carrot that dates back to the Cookbooks of 14th century France.

Jaune du Doubs. Doubs is a region of France near the swiss border and Jaune (think Jaundice) is French for yellow. So yes, a period yellow carrott.

I ordered 10 packs of seeds and they came in on Monday.

This link is actually for the carrot page - their website is a bit wonky.


Also, there is a nifty online web app that can provide you a planting guide based on your physical location:

It has 3 date columns:

  • Start seeds indoors
  • Transplant seedlings into the garden
  • Direct sow seeds

Just enter your zip code or city:


I"m thinking about making a long raised bed for the carrots. Some of them will get planted at the local community garden. A few of the seed packets might be given out as largesse.


Week ending 11/10/2012 or so.

Well I actually managed to get to a local sca meeting for the first time in ages. Returned some loaner garb I had checked out for a mundane friend earlier in the spring and delivered some egg cartons to a friend of my who raises chickens and got to say hello and chat with a couple folks.

Not much else going on as I have been busy with a lot of mundane gardening projects. Might draft a class outline For how food was put up during the year to use during the feasting for the holidays during Elizabethan England. Going to scan the source material to see if a title jumps out at me.

I am thinking that my back craft room (which is closed off from the cats/and cat hair) is where I will do any crafts that have to be out of cat's way and used for storage. But the front parlor is working out to be a great studio painting space so I have moved all of my paints there - for mostly mundane craft projects.

Knitting Season

I went to a headwear workshop in our local shire long enough to take a class in knitted flat caps. So far I have only knitted up my swatch and fulled it.. Hoping to have some free time to knit one up over the winter. I'll try to add a pic of the swatch later.

I am using the Patons Classic Merino Wool in a dark (charcoal) gray color)



Time for new glasses (UPDATED 11/2/12)

In the past year, and even in the past 6 months, my eyesight has gotten worse. I've been too broke to travel in the SCA for a while, so I was not really doing as much embroidery, more knitting (which one can actually do blind, lol).

A couple weeks ago I worked up a mundane banner for a non sca organization, and wow, threading the needle on the machine was a matter of "eyeballing" it. I don't know if the stigmatism has gotten worse but I just could not see through the glare of the machine light to see the eye of the needle crisply.

I actually keep a pair of drugstore reading glasses at work, and I've been getting headaches which seem to be from eyestrain. So I'm going to have to suck it up and get some new glasses.

I have heard several complaints from people who have gotten their glasses online, plus I really want to see the glasses in person. So I'm going to go to a local retailer. It's also better for the local economy. I'll have to get an entire eye exam anyhow so we will do it all at one place.

No insurance so it all comes out of my own pocket. Yay. But it will be worth it if I can be able to sit and read for more than 5 or 10 minutes without my head hurting.

(UPDATE 11/2/12) Well it appears when I go entirely gluten free in my diet My eyesight allows me to read more, but threading a needle is still a challenge. So there is some fluctuating eyesight going on that seems to be diet dependent. I have still not taken the time to get new eyewear. I had to take a sick cat to the vet (he is fine now) that wiped what little was in the bank account.

For the Record

(For the record)
Be clear that when we parted ways and I banned you (on Facebook) on July 23rd 2012 it was because I felt you were incapable of being civil after our friendship ended. You were harassing me on common friends facebook pages and I wanted no further contact with you.

This is still the case.

When I unbanned you it was NOT because I wished contact with you. And it does not give you permission t
o start back up with the harassment on our shire list or workshop lists. You have since removed the posts, but I get email notification, so I have copies of everything you have erased.

I unbanned you because we run in similar circles and I want to be able to AVOID you as much as possible at SCA functions, which I still occasionally attend. By harassing me you are only causing harm to yourself.

Try to do your part and keep a civil distance.

Harassing me will not be tolerated.

As to why I am not messaging you privately, it is because you are incapable of listening and too busy going into defense mode. I don't want to burden anyone else with this, I'm making it clear I don't want to interact with you and those of us who know us both will know where I stand.


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